Comic #10 – The Donkey Kong Theory

Makes you wonder what would happen if Bowser wore a bowtie….

(Woohoo! Stupid Inventor has just reach the double digits in comics! Lot’s more to come, don’t worry!)


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  1. Kyle

    Actually Donkey Kong first wore the tie in the Game Boy game titled “Donkey Kong”, which was released several months before DKC. He was still an antagonist in that game.

  2. stupidinventor

    Very true!
    After I drew this comic I did the research and found that the Donkey Kong game boy game came out a few months before the SNES one…
    But, further search found this site that has this great article quoted:

    ” It was decided to return to Nintendo’s roots by using Donkey Kong as the hero because he had less background than the other Nintendo characters, and that meant that Rare could have greater freedom in creating a new DK world. Mr. Miyamoto, Nintendo’s ace game creator, designed a modernized DK and Tim Stamper put him into the SGI system. The other pieces of the puzzle began coming together during the fall of ‘93 and winter of ‘94. ”

    They even have this great image showing Miyamoto’s modernized design… [img][/img]

    So I’m pretty sure the DK redesign was first used for the SNES Donkey Kong Country, but the game took much longer to develop since they were trying groundbreaking graphics…
    I think the gameboy remake, where Donkey Kong resembles more Miyamoto’s modern design, was perhaps made to help the launch of the SNES title…

    All of of that is speculation, of course, and I would love to hear if it anyone has any more information that can help shed some light on which game came first in terms of development… but even If I’m wrong I hope you can forgive me and still get a laugh from the comic!

    By the way, thanks for commenting about it, I didn’t think anyone would notice so I was didn’t want to write my long-winded explanation… now I get to!


  3. stupidinventor

    Oh, and this is the site where I got that quote:
    They say it’s from the Nintendo Power Vol. 64 September 1994 issue.

  4. moniBologna

    i wonder if i wear a tie would people think im sweeter and nicer … hmmmmmmm

    • stupidinventor

      it depends, you cant wear it in like a punk way, (not that there’s anything wrong with that look, it just doesn’t have the Donkey Kong effect)

  5. moniBologna

    lol… how about a bow in my hair.. i like those =)

    • stupidinventor

      those are cool, not sure about their effect though, we’d have to run some tests…

      • moniBologna

        i think that could be arranged lol :D

        • stupidinventor

          lol, let me know your results!

  6. Gurdit

    I reckon maybe you could help her with the tests :P

    • stupidinventor

      I could be the lab assistant!

      • Moni Bologna

        lol you’re both too funny! and i think i could always use a lab assistant.

  7. Flippey

    WRONG, in the DSiWare, Donkey Kong, the minis march again, DK is wearing a tie when he gets angry that the show sells out and steals the presenter.

    • Moni Bologna

      its a joke.

      • Moni Bologna

        Plus, nowadays everyone is used to him wearing a tie so thats why (even when he does bad things) he is wearing a tie.

        • stupidinventor

          Maybe he should switch to bowties…

    • stupidinventor

      Ha, ok, all I was saying was that once he started to wear a tie, he became good. I don’t know enough about that game to really argue, but I’ll get back to you.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Flippey

        Thanks, and I like the Bowtie idea, mabie in the future!

        • stupidinventor

          hahaha, I should write a letter to Nintendo!

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