Comic #14 – The Bat Computer

Not sure if everyone is going to get this, but I thought it was funny and just had to post it.

In C++ programming the POW function returns a value to a certain power… so POW(X,Y) would be X^Y… or POW(3,2) would be 3^2=9… hope that helps..

Oh and the 1960′s Batman rules!


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    totally dont get it :(

  2. stupidinventor

    lol, basically there’s something called POW in C++ programming and Batman would love using that because he loves POW…. and ZAP… and WHAP!

    Wow, you got me in the mood to watch an episode of the 1960′s Batman show!

  3. berickcook

    All he needs now is a HOLY( ) that returns nothing but “Batman!”

  4. stupidinventor

    @berickcook no the command HOLY() should return a random adjective, like HOLY() Antarctica Batman!

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