In order to celebrate New Years this year, we here at Stupid Inventions have created The Confetti Countdown Machine!

Just set the timer to the right time and at Midnight the machine will automatically shoot streamers!

Have a happy and healthy New Year!
From the Stupid Inventions Team.

Want to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

1x Timer (I used a digital one, it’s much easier to get better accuracy.)
1x Confetti Popper
1x Motor (I used an electronic GoDuster, I’ve used it in several other Stupid Inventions and I’m very happy with it)

The actual set-up will depend on the parts you’re using but basically you want to connect your motor to the timer so that it will turn on at Midnight. Then tie the Confetti Popper to the end of the motor so that when the motor spins it will pull the string and pop the confetti. Make sure the Confetti Popper is secured in place and is pointing away from people and flammable objects.

That’s all there is to it! Good Luck!

Bonus: I just wanted to show you that the Confetti Poppers I bought at the dollar store were repackaged for New Years, but they left the old packaging under it! Gotta love Made In China novelties….


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