Comic #95 – Tied In 2nd

Oh well, I did NOT win the Washington Post Cartoonist Contest, but I’m still extremely greatfull to have made it into the Final 5! A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me, spread the word, and helped Stupid Inventor in any way you could. I really do appreciate it! I’ll of course keep making the comic strip twice a week….and all 10 Finalists will be considered for possible Syndication, so who knows?!?! :D 8

Thanks again, I hope you all enjoyed the ride, I know I did.
Zachary S. Snyder
Stupid Inventor


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  1. the0burger0king

    Aww you should have won! But the top 5 is pretty awesome for a comic that you just started this year. I liked your comic the best even after reading the others. I bet with a few years of practice your comic will get some recognition.

    • stupidinventor

      Thanks, yeah I’m still happy to have made it this far!
      I’m going to keep working on the comic, trying to improve my drawing, add characters, just keep developing it until it’s ready for the newspaper! :D 8

      Thanks for voting!

  2. harpocrates23

    seriously??? the worst one of all won. i would have felt a lot better if anyone else won. this is the world cup all over again…spain and olivia were the worst.

    i agree with burger…

    • The0Burger0King

      Yeah really. Her second entry was so not funny.

      • stupidinventor

        While I was disappointined by her Sunday strip, her Hume/Whom strip made me laugh… she’s definitley very original both in style and humor… I wish her all the best!

        I’m curious if it’ll get syndicated because I think older and young age groups won’t understand the humor… hmmm

  3. Ravenheart

    Oh wow! congrats! I was sure you were gonna win though…ah well at least you placed

    • stupidinventor

      Yeah, I really though I had chance, I definitley did the most promotion of the 5… exactly! Just looking through the 100 entries of the 500 that didn’t make it made me realize just how lucky I am to have made it his far… :D 8

  4. monique nikol iniguez

    OMG!! hmpf, i have people to beat up!! grrr.
    LOL btw this one is cute =)

    • stupidinventor

      hahaha please don’t send anyone to the hospital!
      Thanks, I thought of it before I heard the news… I figured this way if I lost I would still be happy about being able to make a funny strip out of the experience… pretty much the same way I look at dating… :D

      • monique nikol iniguez

        LOL!! thats too cute! =)
        Hey, too late one ofthe judges has a paper cut! Now onto the others!! =)
        I think he judges had SOME valuable comments. I left a comment on your last one too.

        • stupidinventor

          Ha, don’t go after the judges, go after the voters! ;P

          Yeah, one of the best parts about this contest was the constructive feedback I got from the pros!

          • monique nikol iniguez

            i am glad you are taking what they saya nd applying it.
            I think the feedback was good too

            • stupidinventor

              Yup, just have to work on my drawing, maybe add some more characters, and I could have a real strip someday… :D

              • monique nikol iniguez

                you could!! i wish you will someday! =)

                • stupidinventor

                  Well who knows, maybe they’ll still want to syndicate… if not, I’ll just keep working on it!


  5. Lord Kap

    What a pity, Zachary! I wished I was allowed to vote from Italy…
    Well, you’re great anyway! ;)

    • stupidinventor

      Thanks man, I really do appreciate it!
      It’s nice to know I have readers in other countries, very cool!

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