Comic #139 – The Husband

Wow, things have been crazy and it’s been sooo long since I uploaded a new Stupid Inventor comic! Well, after much thought and debate, I’m back! And now the Stupid Inventor is married! (I did whole bunch of strips about our actual dating history, which was given out at the wedding, but it’s a bit too personal to post here.)

I’m going to start posting one strip a week while I build up a reserve, but hopefully soon I’ll go back to posting twice a week.

Oh, and Inventors Digest is a real magazine, and it’s awesome!

Thank you all for reading! Looking forward to making more strips!


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  1. Monique Iniguez

    YOURE BACK!! I cant wait to see how things will be now that you are married :)

  2. Mrs. Inventor

    Things are weird, trust me.. ;D

  3. joseph

    I think you might wanna straighten up her back

  4. The0Burger0King

    I don’t think I ever got an email about this one! Haven’t been here in a while…

  5. moniqueiniguez

    hope all is well! miss the strips…

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